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Ιt is rare indeed for a single spot of land to combine so many images of Mediterranean beauty and strong contrasts, as the ones we encounter at the area of Kardamyle.The serene blue sea meets with the wild grandeur of the Tayghetos mountain, the rich olive groves are entwined with cypresses and colorful blossoms, one small cove follows the next, and the stone built towers whisper tales of bravery of the people who inhabit them.Facing westwards, Kardamyle is lying on a soft corner of land touching the sea, and it is being tenderly protected by Tayghetos which rises almost vertically behind the town, rendering it a simply unique spectacle.

As Kardamyle is an integral part of Mani, it maintains all the characteristics of this rare land: the exceptional light, the breeze and the sweet smell of wild herbs, the stone, the olive trees and the endless blue of the sea.   The magical old town with its castle, its stone ruins and the old church of Saint Spyridon is now connected to the new town, which also maintains the traditional stone constructions, is enriched with blossomed gardens, Aegean blue colored windows and little alleys that remind us of the islands. Among the olive groves and cypresses, there are built beautiful villas and stately houses, showing just how popular Kardamyle is for holidays and summer vacations!  It can truly offer a unique experience and that is why many artists, scholars and writers have chosen Kardamyle to be their home and constant inspiration.

Its history is extremely ancient, starting with a myth of the Olympian Gods era. The myth says that here on the slopes of Tayghetos mountain, the king of gods, magnificent Zeus, loved and betrothed the nymph Tayghete, who later gave birth to their only son Lacedaemon, forefather of all the people of Laconia. Maybe through this myth the ancient Greeks tried to explain the unbelievable alchemy which gave birth to this landscape and the local people's defiant soul. Here in this land lie the famous Dioskouri in their ancient tomb still existing to this day. Life and history here continued unceasingly through the classical Greek, Roman and Byzantine era, but during Frank and Turkish domination the power and bravery of the Maniates reached enormous proportions, causing the creation of the autonomous stone houses-towers, which are considered architectural masterpieces nowadays. 

Kardamyle lies at the heart of a wonderful coastline, formed by exceptional beaches, picturesque coves and bays where green slopes immerse in the waters, where rocks and small desert islands decorate the green-blue sea and where sandy beaches are followed by pebble bays and smooth natural rocky platforms. The best beaches are Ritsa, Foneas, Delfinia, Kalogria, Stupa, Agios Nikolaos, Agios Dimitrios, Katfigi, on the way to Kalamata Santova and Mantinia and Neo Oitylo towards Areopoli. Beautiful place, crystal waters, wonderful people, excellent touristic infrastructure, sweet life, serene atmosphere, sense of perfection. Who could ask for more.?