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At Proastio, Kardamyle, there is the Ag. Theodoroi byzantine church, which the visitors will find very interesting, while further down there is a stone bridge with arches leading to the fields of Proastio.  
A lovely expedition is towards Exohori, where the visitors can find the entrance to the gorge of Tayghetos-Viros and they can walk all the way through to Tseria. The Liouti path also leads there. The area has many byzantine churches worth visiting.  

If one takes the direction towards Saidona, there is the Kitriniare Tower, a gorgeous sample of  Mane architecture. The Monastery of Vaidenitsa and Samuel is also in the vicinity.

At Saidona there is the entrance of the Noupante gorge, which ends down at the wonderful Foneas beach and it is a great experience for all trekking lovers.  

The forest of Vassilike on the Messinian side of Tayghetos mountain, is a wonderful expedition relatively unknown to many and can be reached either from Saidona or from Exohori. 

At Kastania, the visitors can see the beautiful Douraki tower, of typical Mane architectural design.     

Dryope, Karyovouni and Melia are lovely places to visit. Here one can take a 4x4 road to visit the Monastery of Panaghia Yatrissa which holds a celebration fair on the 8th of September. Caution is required, as the road is quite difficult .

 Towards Platsa, Stoupa and Kardamyle, there is the Viros gorge which can be easily crossed and visited. On the way, the visitors will encounter the Soter Monastery, as well as the deserted but enchanting church of Lykaki, still retaining most of its frescoes and hagiographies.

Towards Kalamata, one finds the pretty and interesting Rintomo gorge, leading also to a lovely beach. It can be fairly easily crossed, while an impressive narrow passage and two small stone bridges somewhere on the way will please all nature and adventure lovers.